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Four Ways Your Office Design Can Boost Productivity

  • Is the design of your office hindering employee productivity? The physical environment where people work has a big impact on their ability to remain focused, motivated and productive. This means your office could be hurting or helping your employees get things done and produce top quality work. To ensure your office design is benefitting employees and workflow, here are some design elements for your office space to utilize.

    Bring the Outside in

    Have you ever worked in an office with little or no windows? Having little or no flow of natural light can really demoralize your workforce and hinder productivity. Research shows natural light substantially increases one's energy, focus, productivity and creativity. According to the report, workers who worked in a setting with natural light remained on task for 15% longer than those who were deprived of natural light. Employees who are exposed to natural light during the work day also tend to feel less stressed and sleep better at night, allowing their bodies to be relaxed and refreshed. Utilize natural light by choosing an office with plenty of large windows and use glass partitions to really maximize the flow of natural light. Also provide an outdoor break area. Along with sunlight, plants can have a positive effect on employees; arranging plants around the office will help bring nature indoors and keep stress levels down and productivity up.

    Utilize an Ergonomic Setup

    The layout of your office should be functional, practical and comfortable. Create an office layout that works for your employees. For instance, an open layout provides an environment of open communication and collaboration, while a closed layout provides more privacy. If possible, it’s best to offer a combination of both— a space for employees to work with minimal distractions and a place where they can collaborate with their co-workers. Whatever design is best for your business, make sure it's safe and comfortable. Crowding is connected to decreased task performance; be sure to give employees plenty of space, provide views to the outdoors, and keep views of other workstations to a minimum. 

    Add a Splash of Color

    The colors used in your office design matter. Certain colors evoke certain moods, and you can use this to your advantage. While you want to keep large elements, such as the walls, a neutral color, you can add pops of color through the chairs, wall art and other smaller design elements. Just be sure to choose your colors wisely. Red is associated with energy and strength, while green is associated with relaxation and balance; blue with focus and relaxation, yellow with creativity and alertness, and orange with enthusiasm. Remember that softer colors offer a feeling of relaxation, while brighter colors stimulate and energize. 

    Be Inspiring

    When making the final touches on your office design, pick design elements that will inspire, motivate and invigorate employees. An easy way to inspire employees in your office design is through the art and décor. For example, you can use decal printing to create a motivation quote or an image representative of nature, as well as artwork that really represents the values and mission of your business. 

    These are some ways you can use your office design to improve employee productivity and morale. How else can your office design keep employees focused and happy?


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