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Notepads are really simple, cheap but the most essential stationery for businesses but affect the business promotion dramatically. Companies demand for custom notepads with logos and contact information but they stands for everyday promotional products instead of being only pad of paper for making notes.

Everyone needs a paper in which they can quickly jot down memos and notes. Don't let them tear random paper away, gift them a customized pad that has your company's logo, slogan and image on it. As these notepads will be their life saver, for whenever they want to quickly save a phone number or some important detail, your company's name will go wherever it goes. This is a great marketing tool that can be undermined but yet you see that not many people buy notepads or memos anymore. Companies understand the value of custom notepad printing and often give them away as free gifts to keep them as reminders.

Customize Notepads In Your Own Style

Create your own customized and personalized notepads that you can distribute among your friends, family and clients. These are appropriate as marketing tools, but can also be used as gifts for your friends or family with memorable pictures and quotes on love or friendship to remind them of you. More and more people like personalized gifts, something that has a label of being made with love and is a thoughtful gift. If you are using it to promote your company, you should include your company's logo, slogan and other relevant pictures and text on it. You have the choice of getting the papers of the pad printed with a watermark of your company logo. This will ensure that your brand name is spread far and wide. Your company's name will catch the attention of the one who writes on it but more so of all the people who read the memo that is being sent.

Professional & High Quality Printing

We will provide you with the best quality printing of the pads for your notes and memos. You can choose between a variety of paper weights, paper finishes and sizes. There is a lot of choice for you, and that is why it is best to contact our professionals to know exactly what will suit your needs and budget the most. We can even help you print a die-cut shape and basically the design of the notepads depends on you! Whatever you have in mind, discuss it with us and we will hep you realize your dreams.

  • Features: In the form of Pads (each pad contains 50 sheets)
  • Availability: In Stock
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  • Price: $195.00
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  • Colors: 4/0
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