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Bookmarks are identifiers and reminders that help the readers to remind their previous reading page by making retrieval easy that was marked previously by the reader. Printed bookmarks normally comes on card stock in rectangular shape with the purpose to mark a place by reader between pages or papers of book or magazine for future reading or just to prominent any special features of the book/paper or magazine. But with the advancement of technology, many businesses get their own customized printed bookmarks for marketing purpose and distribute them among their users. Bookmarks help the users to mark between pages or what they want to remember and use them in future, they make easy for the reader to come back and restart reading by accessing last saved pages.

There are a lot of ways to market your business but considering that there is a budget to follow, you have to pick and choose which items are best for marketing your product or service. Bookmark printing is one of the most cost effective and potent tools of advertising. It has many features that allow customers and target audience to become aware about your corporate identity.

What may seem like an ordinary bookmark can actually go a long way in effectively marketing a business. One needs to design it intelligently and it can really do wonders about brand knowledge and awareness. For a bookmark to be attractive, the design should be in a way that catches the eye of your target audience. It can include important information or a funny quotation, with images and a message from your company. The text and images should represent your company while at the same time entertain your target client. This is where personalized bookmarks come in! You could customize it according to your needs as well as personalize it by including clients name etc.

Distribution of Bookmarks

Bookmarks are mostly distributed among the customers, either by mail, door to door or given as part of gift pack. Good quality customized bookmarks are a treasure for many as it is an easy way of remembering information for people. They are mostly used for making a note in a book, diary and other important places, thus ensuring that your company's name and logo will pop up in a customer’s life almost every day.

Sizes, Colors & Designs

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you can choose from our ready-made designs or make your own. Usually there is a die cut at one end from w here a ribbon or any other material will be threaded through. You can choose from our standard bookmark sizes or also make your own customized size!

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