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Get More Advertising Out of the Space You Already Own!

  • Window Decals Printing

    Getting from one place to another, whether in a car or on foot, we encounter so many windows passing by us that we often forget how much space there is to be utilized.  The windows of cars, buses, trucks, shops, cafes and apartment buildings, are all potential space available   for you to reach out to a maximum amount of target audiences. The best way to use windows for marketing purposes is by sticking attractive and unique window decals that catch the eye of the passerby.

    Attractive Window Decal Designs

    When choosing a design for a window sticker, three things must be present: the logo, slogan and corporate colors.  All of these should be designed well in advance with a professional designer who has helped create your brand's identity.  Make sure you love the brand ID as that will be used forever.  Once that has been ticked off the list, it is important to use quality printing services and pay attention to the content. Window stickers can include special offers, special menus, deals and more to attract new customers.  Lots of passersby will stop and read the stickers, but, what you may not know is even when a pedestrian is simply walking by without paying attention, the information on the sticker is being read by the brain and stored subconsciously. Therefore, it is vital the sticker contain only important and catchy information.

    No worries About Wear & Tear

    Are you worrying that the window stickers won't last that long? That after a while they will start to peel off or will destroy the window? Not true. Not only will the window vinyl decal last for a long time it will not cause any damage to the window either. Most decals are stuck on to the window from the inside so there is no question of rain or wind destroying it. For the few stickers which are pasted on the outside, they are made from high quality vinyl and have special coatings to withstand sunlight and rainstorms. Unlike billboards, window decals are a cheaper and more reliable method of marketing.

    Window and Car Decal Printing

    Decals that are to be placed on the outside of windows are simple to print, except they must be on high quality material so they are weather and abrasion resistant.  Discuss the quality of the printing material and how long they can last in the area's local weather.  It is important to choose the right printers as they will ensure the colors of the sticker do not fade away with sunlight. Decals that are to be placed on the inside of windows are printed in a different way. The whole design is reversed and then printed as that will make it appear straight on the outside.

    The printing of window decals is done in a particular way so it can be read even when there is a glare due to the sun. This is largely because of the material it is printed on does not provide a reflective surface for light to reflect off of. These stickers are a good way to use the window space of a car or a property, as it can also help lessen the amount of sunlight coming in and reduce the heat generated.

    There is a lot you can do with car decals and window stickers, and only a few have been discussed. For more information consult your inner creative brain and a professional designer who can help you work out the technicalities.

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