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How Famous Musical Bands Exercised CD and DVD Jackets For Their Fans

Apr 06, 2015
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    Whether you are an upcoming rock band or a solo country singer, getting your music across to the audience can be a difficult task. You have to determine which age group and type of people would be interested in your music. Then you have to make yourself known in the community so that people are aware about your talent. Despite the fact that there are so many online outlets that allow for free marketing, it is still very important to have CDs to distribute.

    When people are waiting in the traffic at rush hour or have a dinner party at home, it is not possible for them to go online and search for music. In this case they will pop in the CD that they have and let the music play.

    A Great CD Jacket design goes a Long Way

    The CD or DVD jacket design is the first impression that a listener has of the musician. It will be the first thing they see, even before they hear the music. Whether someone enters a music shop, or goes on your facebook page, the design of the music CD's front page will be the first thing they will see. For something as creative as music and since a lot of hard work is out into it, it is vital that the design is catchy.

    The design should completely represent the musician and the type of music or message that is being conveyed. Every genre's listener is different, thus the design of every DVD will require a lot of discussions and hard work with the designer. It should be able to reflect the personality of the musician's frame of mind while making the music.

    Information on the Jacket

    The creative aspect is important, but so is the content on the front jacket of DVD. It should contain the name of all band members and crew members or technicians that have helped in the production of the music DVD. It is not only marketing of the musician but also of all the other people involved in the making of music.

    Styles of DVD Covers

    There are a lot of ways that one can distribute a DVD in, for example the plastic covers with jackets inserted or the cardboard ones. There are the multi-fold DVD covers that contain information, lyrics to the songs and sometimes even a poster of the band or musician. Plastic CD covers are often preferred because they will protect the CD from damage but they also tend to be bulky and difficult it fit into bags so a lot of people opt for cardboard ones.

    Printing DVD sleeve is not a new phenomenon. In fact, before there were CDs, cassette covers were considered of great importance. People used to collect the designs of the covers of their favorite singers like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley. For the new generation, the covers have been reprinted on CDs as well. A lot of thought was put into the cover pages or jacket sleeves of the albums of famous singers and bands.

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