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Reflective Stickers Can Help Minimizing Serious Accidents on Highways in the Night

Apr 01, 2015
  • Reflective Stickers Printing

    Add Style & Safety to Your Ride

    If you're on the highway, and driving at night in pitch dark or in dense fog, there are much higher chances of horrific accidents occurring. Whether you own a truck, car or a motorcycle, it is vital that you are visible from a far distance so that other drivers are aware of your presence on the road. Many times, even huge trucks can get shrouded in fog or darkness of the night and appear invisible! Many countries have made it mandatory to have reflective stickers on the vehicle as well as on high way turns and signboards so that they are not missed. However, these reflective sticker tapes do not have to be ugly looking. You can get some very fashionable looking stickers too.

    Motorcycles Are Most Vulnerable

    Driving a motorcycle is considered stylish while at the same time being more fuel efficient and saving your cash. Whether you ride a motorbike because it is in vogue or because you find it cheaper than a car, it is important to cover all aspects of safety while you are on it. When one thinks of motorcycle safety gear, the images of helmets, gloves, knee pads etc come in to mind. However, there are other necessary and vital safety steps that one has to take to enhance the security of being on a bike. When a biker is riding on a road, they are smaller in size and slower than other vehicles especially trucks and four wheelers thus they are more vulnerable to accidents. The visibility of a biker and his bike is of extreme importance on the road. The only best way and solution to this dilemma is to add reflective stickers to the bike and the clothes of a rider.

    What are Reflective Stickers & Why are they Important?

    These stickers are made from a material that is retro-reflective on one side and has adhesive on the other. When light from a car's front light falls on to it, it glows brightly. These stickers thus reflect light and let people know about another vehicle from a distance. They are also used to highlight dangerous turns and sharp turns on a road. At night it is often difficult to judge how sharp a turn in, so they are placed along the road and make it easy to see the curving road. A lot of drivers also face glaring light issues, that is, lights from other cars or vehicles appear brighter and cause glare. This makes the eyes see less for a fraction of a second. Night time driving also means that drivers may be tired so they need to be able to see reflective tape from a distance and not be caught by surprise.

    High Quality Vinyl Reflective Decals

    It is recommended that one purchases high quality conspicuity stickers as they are more durable. Vinyl decals will last longer in almost every weather. The reflective property of a decal is not affected by the weather so it glows equally well in rain or shine. However, high quality stickers will not wear away or tarnish with time. The printing of reflective vinyl can be found in many places and you can even order reflective tapes online. There are a few neon colors you can choose from, whereas yellow and orange are the most preferred. Hazard reflective tapes also have a variety of stripes, pinstripes etc available depending on what type of hazard you want to highlight. The reason is that these are mostly used for vehicles and one the highway, but they are also useful at construction sites etc.

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