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Usage and Types of NCR Forms in Record Keeping

Jan 13, 2015
  • Ncr forms printing

    Record keeping is an inevitable part of every business organization, no matter how small the set up be. Though much of the data is computerized in modern organizations these days, yet the need of hard copies as back-up plans and many other purposes is always there. Announcements, proposals, receipts and several other documents need multiple copies for both storage and circulation to assure smooth running of a business enterprise. Though there are several means through which multiple copies of a given document can be printed, NCR form printing has its own perks in terms of durability and cost effectiveness.

    Minimizing the operational cost is the key concern of every business owner. Where printing multiple copies cannot be avoided, the least one can do is to opt for the most economical means to do so, which is why NCR form printing is a preferred choice of several business owners. With old fashioned carbon papers being redundant and impractical whereas laser or inkjet printing being a costly exercise, NCR from printing is the most viable printing solution at hand.

    NCR forms may find countless applications in a company. For instances, invoices, requisition forms, sales sheets, orders and related material needs to be printed on ongoing basis. Using NCR from printing, durable copies of these materials can be cheaply produced. An added advantage is that NCR forms allow to be printed with company’s logo and information on them, which makes them look very professional.

    NCR forms come in number of pages ranging from 2 to 6. These pages are called parts. 2-part, 3-part and 4-part NCR forms are more common, however, other forms are also used as per requirement. For instance, 2-part NCR form has a basic usage in invoicing where one copy is handed and the other is kept for record. Several sales orders, receipts and slips need to be duplicated for which 2-part NCR form printing is an ideal choice. Similarly, larger number of NCR forms is required for several transactions in which multiple parties are involved or for communication purpose.

    A typical NCR paper comprises three types of sheets differing on the basis of coating surfaces. These are Coated Back (CB), Coated Front Back (CFB) and Coated Front (CF). Coated Back is the top sheet that has pressure sensitive coating applied to its back side – as the name indicates. The coating basically comprises tiny capsules filled with dyes. When pressure is applied, these capsules burst and release the color. Coated Front Back is the middle layer that has both its sides coated enabling it to receive as well as pass on the dye to the subsequent layer. Coated Front is the bottom sheet that has an absorbent coating on it its front side where image is formed.

    NCR form printing makes an ideal printing solution for salesmen, tradesmen and service people who heavily deal in receipts and slips. Many such transactions as do not require typed letters and forms can do with NCR forms like bills, order pads, invoices, tickets etcetera. Besides all other advantages, NCR form printing provides an energy independent and environment friendly printing solution for record keeping.

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