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What to Look for When You Need a Quality Printing Service

  • We understand that our customers are looking for reliability above all in a printing service, but reliability isn’t the only thing PrintingHost brings to the table. Check out the five reasons below that you or your business should make the switch to PrintingHost.com:

    1. 100% guarantee. In the printing world, the money-back guarantee is your gold standard. Every company says they offer quality printing services, but all too many will then find excuses for why the finished product doesn’t look exactly like what you were promised. Only a select few companies offer a complete satisfaction guarantee and are willing to hand you your money back or do a whole new run for free if you aren’t happy. While we fully expect to meet your expectations the first time, we are more than happy to make any alterations needed to meet your needs.

    2. Free, fast estimates. Both quality and customer service begin with the quote. When you need a quote on a printing project, you need it fast so you can compare it to other bids or your budget. You don’t need a salesman pulling you along trying to get you to commit to fuzzy numbers. We will offer a free quote estimator online so you can get a sense of cost before you even pick up a phone. Also, we’ll work with you to make sure everything you want is reflected in the price so you don’t have any surprises.

    3. Design brief/mockup. Never agree to a blind printing run. No matter how well it sounds like your printer understands your vision, you need a mockup at each stage of the project and a proof copy before they hit print. The experts we have at PrintingHost can also have a designer make new designs for you, giving you a creative brief where you can choose the layout you like the best.

    4. Free shipping. Why pay extra for shipping? Too many printing companies pad their quotes with excessive shipping charges, which always seem higher than what UPS would charge. The price you are quoted should include ALL costs, including free standard shipping.

    5. REAL rush service. Often in business, you need new materials printed yesterday. When quality printing services say they can do rush orders, what that should mean is: they immediately tell you what materials or info they need from you; they assemble the proof copy within hours of receiving those materials; and they stay in close communication with you to fill in the blanks. It should be time to launch the actual printing run within 24 hours or less.

    6. 24 hour shipping option. In keeping with a rush order, every printing service should have a reliable next-day delivery option available. Unfortunately, not everyone does. However, PrintingHost can be relied upon for 24 hour shipping you can trust when you need it most.

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