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Window Decals, the Perfect Solution for Long Term and Effective Advertising

  • Window Vinyl Decals

    We've all heard of the phrase “Walls have ears”, but there is a new one for all of you which you may not have heard of before, “Windows can speak!” No, it does not mean that our windows and glass can gossip, but they are definitely an awesome space to put up advertising material. Out on the street, walking through the market or going up and down the escalators in malls, there are so many windows around you. Tall and broad with attractive images, splashes of color and eye catching slogans, windows with stickers on them are the perfect solution to easy and budget-friendly advertising. Window decals have always been popular and even with the progress in advertising and new methods in the works, this form of marketing has not lost its importance.

    Where can Window Decals be installed?


    Cars, trucks, vans and taxis are a great place to start advertising a business. Window stickers are easy to apply and they do not restrict a person’s vision, as there are special stickers that allow one to look clearly outdoors while driving. A second option place decals on the sides of the vehicle! High quality window decals are resistant to temperature and weather, thus lasting longer. Hire a good designer to put in all the important information and images you wish to communicate to the audience.

    Pop-up Store or Stalls

    Another creative way to get maximum exposure is to put up window decals where potential customers are bound to see it. For example, if you have a sales activity going on where you are conducting a lucky draw, you could put stickers on the box where the lucky draw tickets are being stored. Similarly, if you are selling tickets to a show, you could put up vinyl window stickers on the booth. The target audience will definitely come to cast their vote, try their luck or buy a ticket and thus advertising of a product, service or company can be done and one can expect maximum feedback.

    Stores, Shops, Malls!

    Any store, street market or place where your target audience frequents should be the place to put up window stickers about a business. Whether there is a new deal, or an introduction to a new take-away, the sticker needs to have all the important jargon and images on it. It should be eye catching and ensures people will pay attention to it. When people walk by the same place over and over again, it will become a part of their subconscious memory.

    You can choose to have vinyl decals that are stuck on to a surface with adhesive or those that 'cling' on to the windows. It is best to weigh the options before making a choice as both have their own pros and cons. However, there is a lot of potential in these as they have value for money and will give guaranteed results.

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