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Window Envelopes for Sending Official or Confidential Letters

  • Window Envelopes

    You know those serious looking envelopes that show up in your mailbox every now and then? They are the ones that have a small transparent film through which your name and address is visible while the rest of the envelope is opaque. Mostly, these contain bank statements, bills, and business proposals. Known widely as window envelopes, these are a basic requirement of any business that wishes to send out confidential information to its client.

    Window Envelopes available in Variety of Sizes

    Before ordering  your envelopes, the most important decision to make is determining what size you will need. This type of envelope can be printed in a multitude of sizes depending on the requirement of your letter. Since, it is best to print envelopes in bulk, it is important to determine the size of the letters you will be sending out and whether they can be folded. Standard size ones are recommended for daily use, lightweight letters with a few pages. If the letter or document has a lot of pages and thus the folding will make it thicker, then envelopes with more space in them is to be considered. Similarly, if you are sending out certificates or degrees that are confidential and cannot be bent as they will be damaged, then the size and quality of the envelope will differ.

    The size names of the envelopes are similar to the names of the paper sizes like A4, A5, C4, C5 etc. This is to make it easier to choose which one you want, as the paper size corresponds with the envelope size.

    Different Styles of Window Envelopes

    Once upon a time, all envelopes were brown. Then came the era of white envelopes, but now there is so much to choose from. From colored to textured, there is a large variety of styles that one can choose from. They can be customized according to your taste, and it has generally been observed that the more attention one pays to the details of printing an envelope the better the response of customers or clients.

    Personalized envelopes can be designed with a prayer written before someone opens the letter or one could be sending out baby announcement letters with baby's name and picture on the envelope. Since, it is the first impression that really counts, whether this is for a personal or business reason, the design of the envelope matters.

     As far as business envelopes are concerned, it is better to print them in a single color with the least amount of details on it as possible. Make it simple and straight forward, but it does not have to be boring. The design can be unique with the type of font you choose, the shade of color and size of font as well. It can also be sealed with the logo of your company to add more elegance and detail.

    Choose High Quality Paper

    Thick or thin, the paper of the envelope should not be low quality as that will kill the image of the company or event. A lot of times, people go for cheaper paper resulting in the glue coming off or looking flimsy in the hands of the recipient. If brand image or self-image really matters, which it should, then it is a must to choose the best quality paper. Talk to the printer about showing you the variety of paper they have available.

    If you are sending out reminders, you could still opt for a thinner stock paper but make sure it is sturdy. When sending out invitations or business proposals it is vital that you pay attention to detail and send the letter in a thick card stock paper window envelope.

    Review this list of advice before ordering and good luck with printing envelopes!

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