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Food Labels

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Consumers no longer buy food that come without labels. It is a requirement by the law and consumers are smart, they want to know exactly how much food nutrition and calories is going in their food. A lot of people make decisions of what cereal they want to buy based on the nutrition label. As more and more people become aware of calories, fat and sugar intake, the more the importance of labeling food whether big or small. Food consumers have also become conscious of food allergies and thus they will definitely read the ingredient list to see if there is any food in it that can cause an allergic reaction. Weight watchers will also read the label to check if they can have it or not. So, whether you are running a small food business from home, or have a factory of food production, you will need the facility of printing food labels for sure.

Stickers on food jars, boxes and bottles make the item look more attractive too. However, it is best to get it designed by a professional who will guide you on how to fit the food nutrition list on to the item and also how to make it look more attractive to customer. Even when people do not like to read books, nutrition labels are something they will not miss!

Using top quality paper, printing and designs is key to attracting more customers towards your food product. Your food and nutrition sticker should come with clear lists of the nutrition value, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates etc. as well as a beautiful design to tell your customers the logo, slogan and picture of food. The decision to have glossy or matte paper is up to you, and we can guide you better as to what text fonts or designs to use. We are aware of the laws and regulations required in food label printing and will make sure your product is not rejected for any reason of label print.

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