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Pocket Folders

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Pocket folders have a variety of marketing and promotional uses, which include brand building, brand promotion, relaying information to customer and many more. Through personalized and customized printing of folder, you will be providing the reader with concise and important information regarding your business.

A lot of people tend to keep pocket folders for personal use as well, thus your brand becomes a part of their daily life and wherever they will go your brand will be promoted. It can also be used to keep samples of your product or a list of your services and contact information in case the customer ever needs it again. You can include promotional material like welcome programs, starter kits, deals, discounts information, membership forms, orientation packages and so much more printed reading material in the folder. Folder with pocket is even more useful as it will give you space to secure your promotional material and ensure that nothing gets lost so that the person who has it will keep your information for long.

High quality printing of folder should be your highest priority as the folder will be a representative of your brand in the future. Misprinted and dull colors will not make any customer look at the folder twice, however beautifully designed pocket folders will catch the attention of people and really build up your brand name. Choose colors, fonts type and size wisely with the help of designers who will guide you in the best options possible.

You can also choose from a variety of sizes, from the standard sizes available to customized ones as well. The pockets can be included on one side or both sides of the folder, according to your need. If your promotional material includes a DVD or CD, a separate pocket for that can also be included. If you want to include your business card in every folder, small slits can be made in the folder where the card will be placed and can be removed by the customer to keep in his wallet.

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